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Since this stuff is not regulated by an impartial agency it leaves the door open for a "swim at your own risk" philosophy if anything bad happens to those using these products . I have mechanical heart valves and must take Coumadin and was told most people with any sort of heart problem can get off all prescribed meds from an M.D.

This is not only reckless but disgusting advice just to promote a product. Tacky and deadly sales pitch just to make a sale.

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hi I am an avid doterra user and I use doterra with my mom and my daughter as well as with any ailments that may come my way. when I first starting inquiring into doterra my advocate's first statement was talk to your doctor and find a regiment that works together.

also before I use any oil that I order from doterra I log into and look up that bottle and see what tests it went through and look at the purity of the oil. I am so sorry that you have such a terrible opinion of the company but it really does benefit a lot of people it has helped my daughter control her adhd without medication and It is helping my mother control her diabetes without insulin and we got the ok from their doctors before starting any oils

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